Officials play an important part within our organisation and are integral to the ongoing delivery of our sport. Without officials, HSLS would simply be unable to deliver carnivals through the season.

To ensure that we can efficiently and safely run all HSLS carnivals, we have a quota system in place that requires all participating clubs to fulfil officials positions at events.

If you have any question about being an SLS official, please send an email to 

Official Accreditation Levels

In recent years, SLSA Surf Sport Officials training has moved under the umbrella of the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS), which covers over 80 different sports throughout Australia and is managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

There are two levels for officials to obtain under the NOAS pathway 

SLSA Core Official

  • Core Officials work with entry level participants in a club surf sport environment (recreationally or competitively). Participants will generally be non-bronze proficient.
  • A Core Official can officiate at Branch & State Carnivals in the positions of Judge, Timekeeper, Marshall, Recorder

SLSA Technical Official - HSLS recommends completing this award.

  • Technical Officials choose to fulfil specific officiating role(s) and who work with participants (non-bronze proficient, Surf Rescue Certificate qualified or bronze proficient) who are actively competing in a club / branch / state surf sport competition environment.
  • Technical Official roles may include: Marshall, Starter, Check Starter, Recorder, Timekeeper, Finish Judge

How to become an Official?

Online courses are available for anyone wishing to become accredited an official. These courses can be taken at any stage during the year and are accessible via the SLSA members Portal.

For more information on becoming an official and details of the available courses including how to enrol, visit the SLSNSW Technical Officials resource page via the following link

There are costs associated with these online courses, and you are required to pay for these courses upfront. So, discuss with your club whether they will reimburse you for the cost of the course. 

HSLS then requires all new officials, to attend a face to face workshop and complete three carnivals as a Trainee official before you are signed off and your paperwork sent to SLSNSW to accredit.

I only want to be an Official in the area my child competes, is that possible?

Unfortunately, not always. As a trainee we encourage you to officiate in a variety of areas so that you gain a broad area of experience.  Once you are an accredited Official, we try and accommodate all requests, but positions will depend on how many officials we have on the day and where they are needed.  The more officials we have on the beach the easier it will be to accommodate. 

I only want to do Water Safety?

Great!  We are always after Water Safety volunteers, however completing water safety is not part of an Officials duties.  That is a separate quota and set of volunteers.