Officials play an important part within our organisation and are integral to the ongoing delivery of our sport. Without officials, our sport just simply would not function for our participants.

Hunter SLS requires Clubs particiapting in our Newcastle Permanent Series and Hunter Branch Championshipships to fulfill a quota of officials in order to compete.  This is currently 1 official for 10 compeititors.


How do I become an Official?

To become an accredited Official, is a three step process.

  1. Complete the online course - this can be found in your elearning module in your members area.  A step by step guide to accessing and complete it can be found here

  2. Attend a face to face workshop at Tighes Hill.  Check our events page for information when the next date is

  3. Complete three carnivals as a trainee official and get your papework signed off. 

  4. Paperwork will be sent to SLS NSW for processing and your accrediation approved.


I only want to be an Official in the area my child competes, is that possible?

Unfortunately, not always. As a trainee we encourage you to officiate in a variety of areas so that you gain a broad area of experience.  Once you are an accredited Official, we try and accommodate all requests, but positions will depend on how many officials we have on the day and where they are needed.  The more officials we have on the beach the easier it will be to accommodate. 


I only want to do Water Safety?

Great!  We are always after Water Safety volunteers, however completing water safety is not part of an Officials duties.  That is a separate quota and set of volunteers.