Special Events


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What is a Special Event?

Is your Club holding a Special Event or are you acting as Water Safety for a Special Event?

The following information will help your Club complete the Special Event Application Form.

Surf Life Saving is involved in many events and activities, many of them involve our core activity of water safety,
aquatic sport and public safety. Others are taken on as part of fundraising or social activities.
A “special event” is any event outside the parameters of normal club/branch activity that involves some aspect of surf
lifesaving involvement (advice, safety or organisation)

Most special events involve members of the public participating in an activity run by the club or a third party, however
many may only involve members engaged in non routine activities that require endorsement by the organisation.
Examples of special events include:

  • Ocean swims
  • Sports events such as triathlons, biathlons or beach volleyball
  • Fetes, fun carnivals and public exhibitions
  • Aquatic safety supervision away from the clubs patrol area
  • Community education programs involving aquatic water safety or instruction
  • Non organisational approved surf carnivals, boat events or events using our brand, gear, personnel etc.
  • Events conducted outside of the Surf Sports manual
  • First Aid posts – for example at concerts or sporting events
  • School picnics lifesaving patrols


Please note SLSNSW and all out Government Bodies are moving to online registrations for sSpecial Events 
so please use the following links when completing your event applications.


Website Links

NSW Gov Aquatic Licence Link
Newcastle City Council Link
Port Stephens Council Link
Lake Macquarie Council Events Team Contacts
Ph: 4921 0037
Email: events@lakemac.nsw.gov.au


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