Support Operations

Support Operations are made up of members from all 13 clubs in the Hunter Branch.

Application to join the Surf Life Saving Support Operations Team - Click Here

Application needs to be completed and sent into the Hunter Branch Office for Endorsement (Please check Pre Requisites)



The introduction of the RWC into the Life Saving Support Service arena has proven to be extremely successful, marking a significant step in our voluntary patrols.

The RWC's have proven to be one of the most valuable pieces of rescue equipment used on our beaches. There has been positive feedback received by both Surf Life Saving members and members of the Community.

Rescue Water Craft Drivers are trained by a specialist Facilitator over a season

Drivers are in three geographical areas:

  • Far North: Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest
  • North: Fingal, Birubi
  • Central: Stockton – Merewether
  • South: Redhead – Catherine Hill Bay



Duty officers are rostered one day a month. They are on 24/7 callout, they work with club Directors of Lifesaving and Club call out Teams.

Call out team consists of 10 members who would respond immediately to a call outs - if you are interested in being part of your Clubs Call Out Team please contact your Club Director of Lifesaving.